Buying a Used Vs. New Car: Which Provides the Better Deals?

By Julie Blackley

Tesla Model 3 leads the list of cars that are best to buy new

According to the latest study by automotive research firm and car search engine, the average one-year-old used car costs 20.1 percent less than its new version. However, some models have as little as a 5.2 percent difference, while others have price differences as high as 43.4 percent. analyzed prices from over 6 million new and used cars sold from August 2019 to January 2020. It identified the top ten cars that have the lowest price difference from their one-year-old used versions of the same vehicle and the cars with the greatest price differences. 

“While choosing a used car over a new car is typically associated with the greatest cost savings, sometimes the price difference isn’t that significant,” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly. “There are factors that can affect price differences beyond the overall popularity of the vehicle such as redesigns, which were common among the vehicles that made both ends of the list.” 

Best New Cars to Buy Over Used

iSeeCars identified the new cars that have the lowest cost differences over their gently-used versions.

“Instead of buying a car that’s already been driven for one year, consumers can buy the new version of select vehicles with a purchase price of just a few thousand dollars more to avoid the uncertainties that come with purchasing a used vehicle,” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly.  “When spread out over the length of the average car loan at 5.5 years, the slightly higher monthly payment can be offset by the car warranty and dealer incentives such as rebates.” 

Here are the top cars that consumers should purchase new, with the lowest differences in price after one year. 

iSeeCars Top 10 Cars to Buy New Over Used
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

New Over Used

$ Difference 
1 Tesla Model 3* 5.5% $2,529
2 Ford Ranger  11.4% $3,716
3 Chevrolet Traverse 11.7% $4,198
4 Honda Civic (hatchback) 11.9% $2,704
5 Honda Fit 12.5% $2,111
6 Subaru Crosstrek 13.1% $3,138
7 Chevrolet Corvette 13.6% $8,113
8 Honda Accord 13.7% $3,177
9 Honda Ridgeline 13.8% $4,663
10 Dodge Charger 13.9% $4,097
Overall Average 25.2%
* Tesla Model 3 average new car price estimated by applying used car trim distribution to pre-rebate new car prices as of February 5, 2020.

The list of cars that have the smallest change in price between their new and gently-used versions is composed of a mix of vehicle types including two pickup trucks, two SUVs, two hatchbacks, two sports cars, one sedan, and one electric vehicle.

Earning the top spot is the Tesla Model 3, with a new version costing just 5.5 percent more than its one-year-old lightly-used version. “The Tesla Model 3 had the highest number of preorders of any car ever produced, and its backlog of orders helped further drive the high demand for the vehicle,” said Ly. “The vehicle didn’t meet its production goals until July of 2018, and because it’s so new to the marketplace and because of high owner satisfaction there is a low inventory of used versions.”

Two midsize pickups make the list including the second-ranked Ford Ranger and the ninth-ranked Honda Ridgeline. “The Ford Ranger returned to the market for the 2019 model year after an eight-year hiatus, so there is a low supply of late-model used versions of the truck,” said Ly. “Midsize pickups like the Honda Ridgeline are gaining in popularity as an alternative to their more expensive full-size counterparts, and since lightly-used trucks aren’t abundant in the used car marketplace they retain most of their value.”

The SUV with the smallest percent price difference is the third-ranked Chevrolet Traverse midsize SUV, with a new version costing just 11.7 percent more than a lightly-used one-year-old version. “Because of its segment-leading cargo room and abundance of family-friendly features, the Chevrolet Traverse has had a recent surge in popularity for those looking for a family hauler,” said Ly. “It was fully redesigned in 2018, and newly redesigned cars command more money in the used car market.” 

The second SUV on the list is the sixth-ranked Subaru Crosstrek subcompact SUV. “The Subaru Crosstrek is extremely popular thanks to its ruggedness and practicality, and is backed by the brand’s reputation for safety and reliability,” said Ly. “The popularity of the Crosstrek led to supply shortages for new 2019 models and it was also redesigned in 2018, so the demand for lightly-used models is high.”

Three Honda cars make the list including the fourth-ranked Civic hatchback, the fifth-ranked Fit subcompact, and the eight-ranked Accord sedan. “Honda’s reputation for reliability and lower than average ownership costs help drive their demand in the used car marketplace,” said Ly. 

Two sports cars round out the list including the seventh-ranked Chevrolet Corvette and the tenth-ranked Dodge Charger “New 2019 C7 Corvettes were deeply discounted before the introduction of the C8 in 2020, and as a result, there wasn’t as steep of a price difference between the new and used versions,” said Ly. “The consummate American muscle car, the Dodge Charger was a Best Resale Value honoree by Kelley Blue Book in 2019, so used versions don’t offer a great deal of savings.

Best SUVs to Buy New Over Used

iSeeCars examined the data to determine the top SUVs that have the lowest cost savings between their new and slightly-used models. 
iSeeCars Top SUVs to Buy New Over Used
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

New Over Used

$ Difference 
1 Chevrolet Traverse 11.7% $4,198
2 Subaru Crosstrek 13.1% $3,138
3 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid  15.8% $4,764
4 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited  16.0% $6,378
5 Nissan Kicks  16.4% $2,835
6 Honda CR-V   16.5% $4,115
7 Subaru Forester  18.0% $4,923
SUV Average 21.9%
Joining the two SUVs on the overall list are eight SUVs in varied sizes, including five compact, one full-size, one midsize, and one subcompact.  

Ranked third is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, accounting for the only hybrid SUV on the list. “The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was fully redesigned in 2019, and its popularity has led to supply issues with many new car buyers having to wait weeks or months for the vehicle,” said Ly.  

Ranked fourth is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. “The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited was redesigned in 2018 after nearly a decade,” said Ly. “This vehicle is known for holding its value well due to its popularity and ruggedness, which help explain why lightly-used versions are close in price to new ones.” 

The lone subcompact on the list, the Nissan Kicks ranks fifth. “Nissan introduced the Kicks in 2018 replacing the Nissan Juke in its subcompact SUV lineup and offers class-leading cargo area as well as having one of the lowest prices in its class,” said Ly. “Because it was introduced in 2018, there isn’t a high supply of used cars so dealers are able to price them competitively.”

The Honda CR-V is the sixth-ranked SUV with the lowest price increase between its new and lightly-used version. “The Honda CR-V is among the nation’s best selling vehicles thanks to its reliability and top rankings within the booming compact SUV segment, which is why it retains its value,” said Ly. 

The Subaru Forester joins the second-ranked Crosstrek giving the automaker two vehicles on the list. “The Subaru Forester earns high reliability and safety ratings, which aid in value retention.”

Which Pickup Trucks to Buy New vs Used

iSeeCars also analyzed the price differences between new and one-year-old light-duty pickup trucks. 11 out of 14 models had a below-average price difference for the segment.
iSeeCars Ranking of Pickup Trucks to Buy New Vs. Used
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

New Over Used

$ Difference 
1 Ford Ranger 11.4% $3,716
2 Honda Ridgeline  13.8% $4,663
3 Chevrolet Colorado 14.5% $4,274
4 Nissan Frontier 16.5% $3,800
5 Toyota Tacoma 16.9% $5,161
6 Toyota Tundra 19.1% $7,586
7 Ram Pickup 1500 Classic 22.1% $6,760
8 Ford F-150 22.2% $8,064
9 Nissan Titan 22.3% $7,857
10 GMC Canyon 22.6% $6,817
11 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 23.2% $8,390
Truck Average 29.6%
12 Nissan Titan XD 33.8% $12,809
13 Ram Pickup 1500 35.6% $12,258
14 GMC Sierra 1500 54.7% $18,590
Ranked third is the Chevrolet Colorado. “The midsize Chevrolet Colorado leads its class in towing and available power, which likely boosts its value in the used car marketplace,” said Ly.

Two Nissan pickups make the list including the fourth-ranked Nissan Frontier and the ninth-ranked Nissan Titan. “A new Frontier has the lowest starting price of all pickups, and its ability to attract more practical pickup buyers has helped it steadily grow in popularity in recent years,” said Ly. “Similarly, a new Nissan Titan costs less than its American counterparts, so its used car price is closer to its new car price as a result.

A pair of Toyotas earn the fifth and sixth spots. “Toyota pickups are known for being reliable and durable, which contribute to their value retention,” said Ly. “Additionally, Toyota is not a major fleet seller, so there are not as many in the used marketplace compared to fleet sellers like Ford, heightening demand.”

Ranked seventh is the Ram Pickup 1500 Classic. “The Ram Pickup 1500 Classic is the lower-priced previous generation of the pickup truck, which was sold alongside the truck’s new model that debuted in 2019,” said Ly. “It provides a more affordable alternative to the new Ram 1500, while still giving consumers the benefits of a new truck.”

The Ford F-150 ranks eighth. “The Ford F-150 is the top-selling pickup, which means that its high demand results in its high value retention,” said Ly. 

Ranked tenth is the GMC Canyon, which is made by the same manufacturer and built on the same platform as the third-ranked Chevrolet Colorado. “The GMC Canyon is among the top of its class for towing and hauling, and appeals to buyers who want a more upscale version of the Colorado,” said Ly.

Rounding out the list of the best trucks to buy new is the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. “Redesigned for 2019, the Silverado 1500 is known for its technological features in addition to its durability, which helps contribute to a lower-than-average price reduction on its one-year-old models.” 

Which Sports Cars to Buy New vs Used

iSeeCars examined the list to compare price differences between new and lightly-used models. Seven out of ten models had a below-average price difference between new and lightly-used models.
iSeeCars Ranking of Sports Cars to Buy New Vs. Used
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

New Over Used

$ Difference
1 Chevrolet Corvette 13.6% $8,113
2 Dodge Charger 13.9% $4,097
3 Subaru WRX 16.9% $4,905
4 Chevrolet Camaro (Coupe) 18.6% $5,657
5 Nissan 370z 26.5% $7,836
6 Dodge Challenger 26.6% $7,540
7 Porsche Panamera 32.2% $30,024
Sports Car Average 34.6%
8 Ford Mustang (Coupe) 35.3% $10,127
9 Ford Mustang (Convertible) 54.0% $15,051
10 Chevrolet Camaro (Convertible) 60.8% $16,829
The first two models, the top-ranked Chevrolet Corvette and the second-ranked Dodge Charger appear on the overall list of the best cars to purchase new.

Ranked third is the Subaru WRX. “The Subaru WRX has repeatedly won Kelley Blue Book’s Resale Value award, and is among the more reasonably priced sports cars,” said Ly. “Demand for these vehicles is high, so consumers are willing to pay a premium for lightly-used models.”

Two American classics make the list of sports cars that are best to purchase new: the fourth-ranked Chevrolet Camaro coupe and the sixth-ranked Dodge Challenger. “The Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger are among the lower-priced cars in the sports car segment, so they don’t need a steep price reduction to appeal to used car buyers,” said Ly.

Ranked fifth is the Nissan 370z, which is also reasonably priced for the sports car class. “The Nissan 370z is not a high-volume seller, so there the supply is low in the secondary marketplace,” said Ly. “It’s also rumored to be discontinued after the 2020 model year, so buyers might be willing to pay a premium for these cars while they are still available.” 

Rounding out the list of sports cars with lower-than-average depreciation for the segment is the Porsche Panamera. “Porsche is known for having favorable resale value, and although the Panamera has a lower-than-average relative price decrease, there is still a $30,024 difference between new and lightly-used models.” 

Cars to Buy Used

The top cars to buy used offer the greatest savings over their new model. “The best cars to buy used have lower-than-average resale value for reasons such as their high starting price or because they aren’t the most popular vehicles in their class,” said Ly. 

Top Cars to Buy Used Vs. New

These are the cars that provide the greatest savings after one year when compared to purchasing new. 
iSeeCars Top 10 Cars to Buy Used Over New
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

Used Over New

$ Difference 
1 BMW 7 Series -43.4% $47,447
2 Audi A6 -41.0% $26,199
3 Jaguar XE -40.9% $20,586
4 Volvo S90 -40.1% $23,631
5 BMW 3 Series -38.2% $19,241
6 Chevrolet Camaro (convertible) -37.8% $16,829
7 BMW X6 -37.7% $31,655
8 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque -37.3% $21,079
9 Mercedes-Benz CLA -37.0% $15,838
10 BMW 4 Series -35.8% $18,960
Overall Average -20.1%

The list of cars that have the greatest change in price between their gently-used and new versions is dominated by luxury vehicles, which account for nine of ten cars on the list. The lone non-luxury vehicle to make the list is the Chevrolet Camaro sports car.

“Luxury cars depreciate quickly because buyers most luxury buyers aren’t willing to pay a high premium on a used or dated version of the vehicle,” said Ly. “They also have high maintenance and ownership costs, which also impact resale value.”

The car with the largest price difference between its new and gently-used version is the BMW 7 Series at 43.4 percent, or $47,447. It is joined by three additional BMWs: the fifth-ranked 3 Series, the seventh-ranked X6, and the tenth-ranked 4 Series. “Super luxury cars like the BMW 7 Series take large depreciation hits due to their high starting prices, which is coupled with the car being redesigned in 2020 to automatically date 2019 models,” said Ly. “Redesigned in 2019, the 2018 versions of the popular 3 Series likely aren’t in high demand, while the 2020 redesigned X6 isn’t as popular as other luxury midsize SUV thanks to its funky styling and lack of passenger and cargo room for the segment. The BMW 4 Series is among the more expensive cars in its class for both its price and maintenance cost, which can explain its price reduction for used models.”

Ranked third is the Jaguar XE, which can be purchased lightly-used for 40.9 percent less or $20,586 off its new version. “The Jaguar XE is among the more expensive cars in the small luxury sedan segment, so it likely loses a lot of its value to be attractive to used car buyers,” said Ly. “Jaguars are also notorious for high ownership and repair costs, which likely negatively impact its value retention.”

Two foreign luxury midsize sedans make the list including the second-ranked Audi A6 and the fourth-ranked Volvo S90. “Both the Audi A6 and the Volvo S90 earn favorable reviews for their performance and features, but are criticized for their lack of trunk space,” said Ly. “These vehicles likely lose value because of the declining popularity of the sedan segment, but are good options for those who want a great deal on a luxurious high-performing vehicle.”

Ranked eighth is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. “The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque was redesigned in 2020 and is among the bottom of its segment for fuel economy and reliability,” said Ly. 

Rounding out the list is the ninth-ranked Mercedes-Benz CLA subcompact car. “As an entry car to the Mercedes lineup, the CLA does not stand out among rivals in this segment,” said Ly. “It is criticized for its low-grade cabin materials and its difficult infotainment system.”

Best SUVs to Buy Used  

iSeeCars examined the data to determine the top 10 SUVs that have the largest price differences between their new and slightly-used models. 
iSeeCars Top 10 SUVs to Buy Used Over New
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

Used Over New

$ Difference
1 BMW X6 -37.7% $31,655
2 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque -37.3% $21,079
3 Alfa Romeo Stelvio  -33.9% $16,102
4 Mercedes-Benz GLE -32.3% $21,572
5 INFINITI QX60 -31.8% $16,015
6 Jaguar F-Pace  -31.8% $19,830
7 Audi Q3  -31.0% $12,652
8 INFINITI QX80 -30.2% $22,822
9 BMW X2  -29.7% $13,148
10 Mercedes-Benz GLA  -29.0% $11,775
SUV Average -18.0%
Joining the two SUVs from the overall list are eight additional luxury SUVs in varied sizes--three subcompact, two midsize, two compact, and one full-size.  

The three subcompact SUVs include the seventh-ranked Audi Q3, the ninth-ranked BMW X2, and the tenth-ranked Mercedes-Benz GLA. “The Audi Q3 was redesigned in 2019 and is among the highest-rated vehicles in its class, making it a great deal for those wanting a luxury subcompact vehicle,” said Ly. “Meanwhile, the Mercedes-Benz GLA and the BMW X2 are in the middle of the pack for ratings in the segment and are criticized for their slow acceleration and below-average passenger and cargo room.”

The two compact SUVs include the third-ranked Alfa Romeo Stelvio, the sixth-ranked Jaguar F-Pace, and the tenth-ranked Mercedes-Benz GLA. “The Alfa Romeo Stelvio was introduced in the U.S. in 2018, so consumers are likely to opt for a vehicle with a more established reputation in the highly competitive luxury compact SUV class,” said Ly. “The Jaguar F-Pace is one of the more expensive cars in its class and it dogged by Jaguar’s high ownership cost.”

The midsize SUVs making the list are the fourth-ranked Mercedes-Benz GLE and the fifth-ranked INFINITI QX60. “The Mercedes-Benz GLE was redesigned in 2020 and was named the top luxury midsize SUV from U.S. News and World Report, so consumers may not be willing to pay a premium for its used versions that didn’t earn as much acclaim,” said Ly. “Meanwhile, the INFINITI QX60 earns middling rankings for reasons like low-grade cabin materials and lackluster handling.”  

Rounding out the list is a second INFINITI model, the full-size QX80. “The INFINITI QX80 isn’t as popular as other vehicles in the full-size luxury SUV class,” said Ly. “It was criticized for its infotainment system, which got a much-needed update for 2020,” said Ly. 

Which Pickup Trucks to Buy Used Vs. New

iSeeCars also analyzed the price differences between new and one-year-old light-duty pickup trucks. Three out of 14 models had an above-average price difference for the segment.
iSeeCars Pickup Trucks to Buy Used Vs. New
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

Used Over New

$ Difference 
1 GMC Sierra 1500 -35.4% $18,590
2 Ram Pickup 1500 -26.2% $12,258
3 Nissan Titan XD -25.3% $12,809
Truck Average -22.9%

Three full-size pickups had an above-average price difference between their gently-used and new models: the GMC Sierra 1500, the Pickup 1500, and the Nissan Titan XD. “The GMC Sierra 1500 and the Ram Pickup 1500 pickups are both full-size and are priced higher than not just their midsize counterparts, but also for the segment because they appeal to truck buyers who want more luxury,” said Ly. “The Nissan Titan XD offers more towing capacity than the standard Titan, but it isn’t as popular or as powerful as its American competitors in the segment.”

Which Sports Cars to Buy Used vs New

iSeeCars examined the list to compare price differences between new and lightly-used models. Three out of ten models had an above-average price difference between new and lightly-used models.
iSeeCars Sports Cars to Buy Used Over new
Rank (By Percentage) Model % Difference

Used Over New

$ Difference
1 Chevrolet Camaro (Convertible) -37.8% $16,829
2 Ford Mustang (Convertible) -35.1% $15,051
3 Ford Mustang (Coupe) -26.1% $10,127
Sports Car Average -25.7%
Three American sports cars have a higher-than-average price difference between their new and used models: the Ford Mustang coupe and convertible variants and the Chevrolet Camaro convertible. “The Ford Mustang has declined in popularity in recent years, which could negatively impact resale value,” said Ly. “The Chevrolet Camaro convertible is more expensive than the coupe, and used car buyers may be unwilling to pay the premium for the convertible version.


Cars to Buy New and Used By Metro Area

Do the best cars to buy new and used vary by geographic area? To find out, iSeeCars analyzed the lightly-used models with the largest and smallest price differences compared to their new version in the top 20 largest cities.
iSeeCars Best Cars to Buy New and Lightly Used by City
Cars To Buy New Cars to Buy Used
Metro Area Car  % Difference Over Used $ Dollar Difference Car % Difference Over New $ Difference
Atlanta, GA Ford Fusion 8.9% $1,742 BMW 3 Series -41.8% $21,511
Boston, MA-Manchester, NH Honda Civic 6.1% $1,427 Ford Mustang -37.5% $15,718
Chicago, IL Honda Accord 5.1% $1,281 Mercedes-Benz C-Class -38.6% $19,761
Cleveland-Akron (Canton), OH Subaru Forester 10.8% $2,975 GMC Sierra 1500 -40.6% $19,235
Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Dodge Charger 0.1% $27 BMW 7 Series -51.5% $56,507
Denver, CO Honda Civic 8.4% $1,918 Kia Sorento -34.9% $12,390
Detroit, MI Chevrolet Colorado 11.2% $3,448 Dodge Journey -37.0% $12,259
Houston, TX Ford Ranger 6.3% $1,849 BMW 7 Series -45.6% $49,206
Los Angeles, CA Ford Ranger 10.3% $3,079 Volvo S90 -47.9% $29,928
Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL Chevrolet Camaro 1.7% $423 GMC Sierra 1500 -53.3% $28,292
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Chevrolet Traverse 7.6% $2,867 INFINITI Q50 -36.0% $17,920
New York, NY Subaru Crosstrek 11.9% $2,929 Volvo S90 -46.9% $28,770
Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL Ford Ranger 8.4% $2,395 GMC Sierra 1500 -43.7% $23,877
Philadelphia, PA Subaru WRX 11.6% $3,562 Volvo S90 -41.1% $24,704
Phoenix, AZ Volkswagen Tiguan 8.7% $2,058 BMW 3 Series -41.3% $19,623
Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA Subaru Crosstrek 8.6% $2,203 GMC Sierra 1500 -47.4% $26,093
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA Honda Fit 8.7% $1,505 GMC Sierra 1500 -52.1% $26,879
Seattle-Tacoma, WA Subaru Crosstrek 6.4% $1,652 GMC Sierra 1500 -41.5% $22,029
Tampa-St Petersburg (Sarasota), FL Ford Ranger 3.1% $926 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque -39.0% $22,007
Washington, DC (Hagerstown, MD) Chevrolet Colorado 2.8% $791 Audi A6 -43.7% $28,933
The model with the smallest relative price difference across the most cities is the Chevrolet Colorado which is the top model to buy new in four cities.The model with the largest increase is the GMC Sierra 1500 in six.

Buying Used Vs. New Cars: Which Should You Choose?

When deciding on if you should purchase a used vs. a new car, it depends on the vehicle and your personal buying habits.

Why Buy a New Car? 

Consumers who are addicted to the new car smell can enjoy some advantages that come along with their new car purchase. “One advantage of new car buying is that there is no guesswork involved about how someone else drove and treated the vehicle,” said Ly. “The dealership may also finance an auto loan at a lower interest rate for those with a desirable credit score, which will reduce the interest you have to pay over the duration of the new car loan.”  

Why Buy a Used Car?

The main advantage of buying a used car is that the previous owner will take the biggest depreciation hit on the car. Cars depreciate the most in their first year at 23.2 percent on average, so buying just a one-year-old car with low mileage will save you significant money. Consumers who plan on keeping the car for just a few years will also not lose as much money on their trade-in. “Consumers who opt for a lightly-used car can still enjoy modern safety features and the latest technology while taking advantage of the remaining factory warranty,” said Ly.  “Used car buyers may also have the option to purchase an extended warranty for peace of mind in case major repairs are necessary within the first few years of ownership.”

Insurance companies further add to the case for buying a used vehicle. “Most one-year-old cars also have lower auto insurance costs than new vehicles, which further adds to savings.” 

The Bottom Line

When deciding between a new and a lightly-used version of the same vehicle, consumers should look at the cost difference to decide which is the smarter purchasing decision. “While buying used always amounts in cost savings compared to the new sticker price, some used models only offer minimal savings on the car payment that are often offset by warranty coverage and other incentives such as free roadside assistance,” said Ly. “It’s important to understand that it is a good financial decision to purchase some models new, while there are some that should be purchased used.” 

Methodology analyzed over 6 million cars sold between August 2019 and January 2020.  New cars included in the analysis were from model years 2019 and 2020, while lightly-used cars were defined as used vehicles from model years 2018 and 2019. Low-volume models were excluded from the analysis, as were cars with outlier mileages. The average asking prices of the lightly-used cars were compared to those of new cars from the same model. The difference in price for each car was expressed as a percentage of the used average prices for the lists of cars to buy new, and as a percentage of the new average prices for the lists of cars to buy used.

About is a car search engine that helps shoppers find the best car deals by providing key insights and valuable resources, like the iSeeCars VIN check reports. has saved users over $210 million so far by applying big data analytics powered by over 25 billion (and growing) data points and using proprietary algorithms to objectively analyze, score and rank millions of new cars and used cars.