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Why Used EV Prices Are Fallingexternal link icon

The Demand for EVs Continues To Shrink as Hybrid Sales Surgeexternal link icon

Musk finally gets his sci-fi Tesla pickup but at a costexternal link icon

Used cars to buy if you want to save the most moneyexternal link icon

8 new cars that are selling below MSRPexternal link icon

F-150 Lightning Is One Of The Slowest Selling Used Vehicles: Is This Bad News Before Cybertruck Launch?external link icon

Used EV prices have dropped by one-third in a year as demand fallsexternal link icon

EV Stocks Alert: Electric Vehicle Prices Have Plunged 33% This Yearexternal link icon

10 Used Cars That Have Become Dramatically More Affordable in 2023external link icon

Here's How Much The Tesla Model S, X, and 3 Depreciate After 5 Yearsexternal link icon

The Best Used Cars to Buy in 2024 (No Matter Your Budget)external link icon

25 car models that have fallen in price the least over the past 5 yearsexternal link icon

4 New Trends That Make EVs Even More Enticingexternal link icon

EVs Depreciate More Than ICE And Hybrids After Five Yearsexternal link icon

Tesla Model S has highest 5-year depreciation among electric carsexternal link icon

Which cars hold their value? EVs depreciate faster than any other vehicle - but trucks are most likely to be a safe investmentexternal link icon

Used Car Prices Continue To Soar Despite Lower Inflationexternal link icon

These 9 Used Cars Just Got Way Cheaperexternal link icon

What to Make of the EV Market’s Topsy Turvy Yearexternal link icon

What’s your state’s average car loan balance?external link icon

Autoworkers Score Big Wins in New Contracts With Carmakersexternal link icon

What's the most popular car color in Louisiana?external link icon

Bad vibes are rippling through the electric car marketexternal link icon

Prices Are Plummeting Now For These 15 Used Car Modelsexternal link icon

GM Say EV Demand Is Shrinking, But Data Shows A Complex Marketexternal link icon

Tesla, Ford, and GM struggle amid 'unrealistic' demand expectations for EV trucksexternal link icon

Porsche and IMSA racing work on game-changing, zero-carbon synthetic fuelexternal link icon

Used vehicles & both new, used EVs become more affordableexternal link icon

Study reveals the most common car colors on the road in Austinexternal link icon

In a Sea of Grays, Beige Cars Have Somehow Skyrocketed in Priceexternal link icon

These Are the Most Popular Car Colors, And WHY ARE WE SO BORING!?external link icon

It takes a lot more money now to buy a late-model used carexternal link icon

People in These States Drive the Most Boring Color Carsexternal link icon

Study: Car buyers in Baton Rouge are paying more for less carexternal link icon

Used car prices soar 50% in Chattanooga, study saysexternal link icon

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a brightly coloured car… it’ll cost you thousands, motoring expert revealsexternal link icon

For consumers, the cost of a used car in Denver not aging wellexternal link icon

Used cars are older, pricier. 3 things to think about when shopping for a previously owned vehicleexternal link icon

Used auto customers are paying way more cash for way less car in 2023external link icon

The Unfortunate Solution To Sky-High Used-Car Prices: Buy An Older Modelexternal link icon

The Rising Costs of Owning a Carexternal link icon

A Three-Year-Old Used Car Could Cost Up To $9,000 More Compared To 2019: Studyexternal link icon

$23,000 no longer buys a three-year-old used carexternal link icon

Luxury Car Buyers Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About the UAW Strike—Unless It’s a Long Oneexternal link icon

Popular used cars in NYC: Which models are the most affordable?external link icon

Battle Over Electric Vehicles Is Central to Auto Strikeexternal link icon

How UAW Strike Will Impact Biden's Green Revolutionexternal link icon

The Most And Least Expensive Cities To Buy A Used Carexternal link icon

This Is The Cheapest City To Buy A Used Carexternal link icon

Don't buy any electric car but a Tesla right nowexternal link icon

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