The Longest-Lasting Cars to Reach 200,000 Miles

By Julie Blackley

2018 Study Shows Full-Size SUVs Dominate

Consumers looking for a long-lasting vehicle that can reach 200,000 miles or more should consider an SUV, according to a new study by car search engine The findings reveal that seven out of the 10 vehicles most likely to last 200,000 miles are SUVs, while the remainder of the list includes one vehicle in each of the pickup truck, passenger car, and minivan categories.

In’s analysis of more than 13.5 million cars sold in 2017, the Toyota Sequoia ranks first with 6.6 percent of its cars over 200,000 miles. At least 2.4 percent of all of the models on the top 10 list have over 200,000 miles, which is double the 1.2 percent average for all models.

"While today’s vehicles have the potential to reach 200,000 miles with proper maintenance and care, certain models are far more likely to achieve that milestone,” said CEO Phong Ly. “Five of the seven SUVs on the list are made by domestic automakers, which demonstrates the durability of American SUVs.”

Top 10 Longest-Lasting Vehicles

Rank Model % of Vehicles Over 200k Miles
1 Toyota Sequoia 6.6%
2 Ford Expedition 5.4%
3 Chevrolet Suburban 5.2%
4 Toyota 4Runner 4.2%
5 GMC Yukon XL 3.9%
6 Chevrolet Tahoe 3.8%
7 GMC Yukon 2.8%
8 Toyota Tacoma 2.6%
9 Toyota Avalon 2.4%
10 Honda Odyssey 2.4%
Average for All Models 1.2%

SUVs from Toyota, General Motors, and Ford dominate the list of the longest-lasting light-duty vehicles, earning the top seven spots. The SUVs comprising the list are exclusively full-size with the exception of the mid-size Toyota 4Runner. On average, these SUVs are nearly four times as likely to reach 200,000 miles than the average vehicle.

“These large SUVs feature body-on-frame construction, which means they are built like trucks and thus have truck-like durability,” said Ly. “These vehicles can also be easier to repair than smaller SUVs, which can contribute to their longevity.”

The three non-SUVs to make the list are made by Japanese automakers, which include the Toyota Tacoma pickup, the Toyota Avalon sedan, and the Honda Odyssey minivan.

The lone passenger car on the list, the Toyota Avalon, and the single minivan, the Honda Odyssey have each earned reputations for dependability and are often mainstays on lists of top-performing vehicles.

The Longest Lasting Cars (Excluding SUVs and Pickup Trucks)

When trucks and SUVs are excluded, Japanese automakers account for the majority of the list of longest-lasting cars. A total of 10 models have more 200,000-mile cars than the 1.2 percent average across all vehicle segments.

Rank Model % of Vehicles Over 200k Miles
1 Toyota Avalon 2.4%
1 Honda Odyssey 2.4%
3 Honda Accord 2.0%
4 Ford Taurus 1.8%
5 Toyota Sienna 1.7%
6 Toyota Camry 1.5%
6 Chevrolet Impala 1.5%
8 Toyota Prius 1.3%
9 Nissan Maxima 1.3%
10 Chrysler Pacifica 1.3%
Average for All Models 1.2%

Toyota has four models on the list including the Avalon in the top spot along with the fifth-ranked Sienna, the six-ranked Camry, and the eighth-ranked Prius. “The Prius’ appearance on the list helps dispel the concerns about its reliability and battery durability,” said Ly.  Additional Japanese vehicles include two Honda models: the Odyssey and the Accord.

Three minivans make the list including the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, and the Chrysler Pacifica. "These consummate family vehicles are workhorses for running frequent errands and road trips, and they prove they can go the distance and last a long time," said Ly.

In addition to the Chrysler Pacifica, two other domestic cars make this list—Ford Taurus and Chevrolet Impala. "These vehicles are often used for company fleets, city governments, and rental cars—all situations where they might be driven more miles than the average vehicle."

The Longest Lasting Trucks

When examining which trucks are most likely to reach 200,000 miles, eight pickups fare better than the average across all vehicle types. The list is evenly split between Japanese and American models.

Rank Model % of Vehicles Over 200k Miles
1 Toyota Tacoma 2.6%
2 Honda Ridgeline 2.2%
2 Toyota Tundra 2.2%
4 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2.1%
5 Ford F-150 1.9%
6 GMC Sierra 1500 1.8%
7 Nissan Titan 1.7%
8 Chevrolet Colorado 1.5%
Average for All Models 1.2%

Pickup trucks are often used as work vehicles and are likely to accrue more miles than a typical passenger car while undergoing preventative maintenance and necessary repairs.

“The top-ranked Toyota Tacoma is more than twice as likely than the average vehicle to reach 200,000 miles, which justifies its long history of strong reliability ratings,” said Ly.

While full-sized pickups comprise the vast majority of the list, the additional mid-size pickups that fare above average are the second-ranked Honda Ridgeline and eighth-ranked Chevrolet Colorado.

The Longest Lasting Luxury Vehicles further assessed the longest-lasting luxury vehicles and found that four models met or exceed the 1.2 percent average for all vehicles to reach 200,000 miles.

Rank Model % of Vehicles Over 200k Miles
1 Cadillac Escalade ESV 1.6%
1 Cadillac Escalade 1.6%
3 Acura MDX 1.3%
4 Volvo XC90 1.2%
Average for All Models 1.2%

Furthering the dominance of full-size SUVs, two domestics in the category tie for the top spot, the Cadillac Escalade and the Cadillac Escalade ESV, which boasts a longer wheelbase than the standard version.  In third place is the Japanese-made Acura MDX, a midsize crossover.

"Typically, luxury models have fewer cars that achieve the 200,000-mile milestone because these cars are often leased with contracts requiring lessees to keep the miles down,” said Ly.

The Volvo XC90 midsize crossover SUV rounds out the list, and while at the bottom, it has the highest percentage of cars to reach 200,000 miles of all European models across all vehicle segments.

Vehicles that Reach the 300,000 Mile Mark

iSeeCars also examined which of the longest-lasting cars are most likely to reach 300,000 miles. Five models earn this distinction by being at least twice as likely as average to achieve this milestone. Showcasing the rarity of this achievement, only 0.1 percent of all vehicles reach 300,000 miles.

Rank Model % of Vehicles Over 300k Miles
1 Toyota 4Runner 0.3%
2 Chevrolet Suburban 0.2%
2 Toyota Sequoia 0.2%
2 Ford Expedition 0.2%
2 Toyota Tacoma 0.2%
Average for All Models 0.1%

Earning the top spot is the Toyota 4Runner, while the Chevrolet Suburban, Toyota Sequoia, Ford Expedition and Toyota Tacoma have a four-way tie for second. These vehicles all place on the overall top ten list, further proving the durability of Toyota models and American-made SUVs.  

“While pickup trucks and full-size SUVs dominate the overall top 10 list, there are still options for consumers who want an enduring vehicle outside of these categories,” said Ly. “This list shows that there are practical sedans as well as minivans that are proven to go the distance.”

Methodology analyzed over 13.5 million used cars sold in 2017 from model years 1981 through 2017. Models that were not in production as of the 2017 model year, heavy duty-vehicles, and models with fewer than 10,000 cars sold were excluded from further analysis. For each model, the percentage of the number of cars with at least 200,000 miles was calculated.

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