• The average late-year Tesla used car value has dropped 4.8 percent in just the past month
  • This compares to a 1.5 percent drop across all late-year used cars in the same time period
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles are also declining in value at an accelerated rate

As noted in our recent used car pricing report, used car values are consistently declining for the first time in over 2 years. But even as the values for used cars are dropping across the board, Tesla models experienced some of the biggest price drops in recent months. Used Tesla Model 3 prices, for example, were down 16.8 percent between September and December of 2022.

These declines in Tesla values only accelerated when the company announced substantial price reductions for new Tesla models on January 13th, 2023. These latest price cuts were done to better align Tesla’s pricing with recent government legislation, though falling sales volume and rising inventory levels, across the industry and for Tesla specifically, suggest these cuts were also made to ensure new Teslas continue to move in a softening economy. 

Used Tesla Values Take a Big Hit in January

How have these cuts in new Tesla prices impacted used Tesla values? iSeeCars analyzed Tesla used car prices between January 3rd and January 11th, the day before the price cuts were announced. Comparing that to used Tesla prices between January 15th and January 31st, immediately after the announcement, iSeeCars confirmed a 4.8 percent drop in Tesla values. 

Used Model 3 values led the drop, down 5.2 percent after the price reductions, while used Model X prices declined the least, down 3.9 percent. These drops manifested as price reductions of $2,354 on the Model 3, $2,816 on the Model Y, $3,370 on the Model X, and $4,626 on the Model S, all in less than a month.

Change in Average Price of Used Tesla Models Before and After Jan 12th Price Drop Announcement - iSeeCars Study
Model Pre-Announcement Avg Price Post-Announcement Avg Price % Change $ Change
Tesla Model 3 $44,987 $42,633 -5.2% -$2,354
Tesla Model S $90,035 $85,409 -5.1% -$4,626
Tesla Model X $86,828 $83,457 -3.9% -$3,370
Tesla Model Y $56,786 $53,970 -5.0% -$2,816
Avg $56,154 $53,486 -4.8% -$2,668
It’s worth noting that search activity for Teslas skyrocketed in this same timeframe, up 21.3 percent against an average of 6.5 percent for all used cars on

Non-Traditional/Alternative Fuel Vehicles Dropping Faster than Internal Combustion Cars

Looking beyond Tesla, prices of alternative fuel vehicles dropped faster than traditional gasoline models in the past month, with plug-in hybrids leading the decline at 3.8 percent. Note that electric cars, with a 1.8 percent drop, are only slightly ahead of the industry average, further illustrating Tesla’s substantial drop in value versus the overall EV market.
Change in Average Price of Used Non-Tesla Models by Fuel Type Before and After Jan 12th Price Drop Announcement - iSeeCars Study
Vehicle Group Pre-Announcement Avg Price Post-Announcement Avg Price % Change $ Change
Electric Vehicles $51,329 $50,405 -1.8% -$924
Gasoline Vehicles $34,621 $34,101 -1.5% -$520
Hybrid Vehicles $36,712 $35,759 -2.6% -$953
Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles $54,158 $52,107 -3.8% -$2,051
Alternative Fuel Vehicles $42,950 $41,685 -2.9% -$1,265
Avg $35,905 $35,351 -1.5% -$554

iSeeCars analyzed over 1.4 million used cars from model years 2020 - 2021 listed for sale on between January 3, 2023 - January 11, 2023 (pre-announcement period) and January 15, 2023 - January 31, 2023 (post-announcement period). The average prices of each Tesla model, as well as non-Tesla models by fuel type, were compared between the two periods.

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