So you’re thinking of selling your car. With used car prices still elevated due to supply chain issues, it’s a seller’s market when it comes to selling or trading in your vehicle. Although you’re likely to get a good price for your used car, there are some options that can get you a higher profit than others. Or, if you’re willing to sacrifice the highest price in favor of convenience, we also have the most convenient places to list your vehicle. Whether you want to complete the whole process online, visit a dealership, or sell your car privately, we break down the best places to sell your used car.

Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book (KBB)

Autotrader is a popular website for both car buyers and sellers. Autotrader is owned by Cox Automotive, which is the same parent company as Kelley Blue Book . Kelley Blue Book was originally a source that dealerships would consult for used-car market values ; today, it has grown into a major consumer website that helps owners value their trade-ins and shop for used vehicles. 

Autotrader provides resources for sellers whether they want to sell to a dealership or a private party. You can sell your vehicle directly to a dealership or Kelley Blue Book through the site’s instant cash offer tool, or you can list it on the site to find a private party buyer. Autotrader does charge $49 to list your car, but it includes a free Carfax history report and allows for free renewal after a month for up to one year.


With an audience of over 30 million new visitors each month, CarGurus has become one of the top sites to search for used cars . CarGurus offers two options for selling your car: either through a dealer or through a private party .

The CarGurus  “Instant Cash Max Offer” tool asks sellers to enter their VIN or license plate number, and then sends your vehicle information to its dealer network. The dealers then bid on your vehicle and provide you with the highest offer. Once you accept an offer, a CarGurus truck will come pick up your car and pay you via check or bank transfer. 

Or, you can sell your car privately on CarGurus listing platform for a $4.95 Iisting price using the site’s Sell My Car feature. You’ll also pay $99 to CarGurus when your vehicle sells.


Similar to the CarGurus Instant Cash Max Offer, CarMax has the option for an instant online offer or you can bring your vehicle to one of their 238 locations nationwide for an appraisal. 

The appraisal team will give you a written offer that is valid for seven days, which will allow you to shop around for a better offer or to secure your replacement vehicle. Keep in mind that this offer is non-negotiable.


Carvana is a used car dealer that has pioneered buying and selling a car online. To sell your car through Carvana, enter your vehicle’s VIN or license plate number on the Sell Your Car page on Carvana ’s website. 

When you’ve answered all the necessary questions, enter your email and select “get your offer.” It will calculate for around 30 seconds, and your offer will appear. Or, if it is unable to give you an instant offer, it will let you know the offer is pending and you will receive your offer the following day. With Carvana, there’s no haggling and this offer is final. Once you complete the necessary information, a Carvana representative will contact you within three business days and will request information like a photo of your odometer, a picture of the title, and photo identification.

Then schedule an appointment for Carvana to come and pick up your vehicle. When Carvana picks up your car, they will inspect your vehicle to make sure it is how you described. If everything looks good, they will issue you your check on the spot or process the payment to your bank account.


Selling your car to VROOM , another online car buying site, is similar to selling your car to Carvana. First you enter the details of your vehicle, including mileage, VIN, condition, and history. Then you will receive an instant offer that will be good for seven days or 250 miles. You will next have to upload your registration and ID and schedule your pick up , which is free within the contiguous United States. You will receive your payment when the vehicle is picked up.

For a more in-depth look at these two online car dealers, see our Carvana VS. Vroom story.

eBay Motors

If you want to sell a vehicle that’s old, antique, or just obscure, eBay Motors is a good place to list your vehicle. The famous online marketplace has had its automotive section for a few years now, and while it’s not as easy as selling your to a local dealer, it draws a niche audience for enthusiasts looking for eclectic and unique cars. It costs between $19 to $79 dollars to list your vehicle, depending on the price of your car and your preferred selling package options, including how many pictures you want to show.

eBay Motors provides two main choices for marketing your vehicle. The first is an auction-style, which awards the sale to the highest bidder. The second is the fixed-price format, which allows you to set your own price and includes the Best Offer feature to allow buyers to submit their best offer. 

Each listing comes with a free AutoCheck vehicle history report.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace isn’t just for yard sale items, it’s also a great place to sell your vehicle due to its vast reach and ease of use. Another perk is that many potential buyers may have a commerce profile that allows you to vet them by looking at their previous listings. Or, you can look at their Facebook profile as an additional way to vet them beforehand.

It’s free to list a car on Facebook marketplace,and you are also able to target specific groups. Because it’s a private sale, you will likely get more of a profit than you would by selling to a dealer. While selling your car privately will yield you a bigger profit than trading it in, car buyers may find that it isn’t worth the added hassle. You will have to show your car to prospective buyers and go through the trouble of transferring your car title at the DMV, both of which you wouldn’t have to do if you sold your vehicle to a traditional or online dealer.


What was once the preeminent place to sell your vehicle on the internet, the anonymous world of Craigslist, now has lots of competition. If you want a free place to list your car and target a local audience, a Craigslist classified ad is a viable option. You just have to be wary of potential scams and have a safe place for potential meetings and test drives .


Bring-A-Trailer is a niche site for auto enthusiasts that lists classics and rare vehicles. To list your vehicle on Bring-A-Trailer you have to apply, as all vehicles are not selected. Bring-A-Trailer is very selective with its inventory.

If your vehicle is accepted, you can opt for the classic submission for $99, or the Plus submission that includes professional photos for $349. The listings also include a free CarFax vehicle history report.

Cars and Bids

The Cars and Bids vehicle auction site was launched in 2020 as a direct competitor to Bring-A-Trailer. To submit your vehicle to Cars and Bids, you need to provide a brief description, VIN and photos. You also have the option to set a reserve for the vehicle, or to hold the auction without a minimum price. You will have to pay a $89 selling fee for your first listing, while subsequent listings will cost $49. You can also refer to our guide for more about the differences between Bring-A-Trailer Vs. Cars and Bids.

How Do I Sell My Car: The Bottom Line

If you are looking to sell your car, either because you are buying a new car or if you are just looking to unload your vehicle, there are many options out there. You can either visit a physical car dealership , or sell your car through an online dealership . Dealerships also make it easy to trade your car in for a new (or new-to-you used) car. Because the car selling process is so easy, you can get quotes from multiple dealers to see which will get you top dollar . Or, you can set your own asking price by selling your car to a private party by listing it online. Just remember that while private sales may get you the most money , they have the added hassle of the vehicle title transfer and having to arrange vehicle showings.

Once you’ve narrowed down the place to sell your car, refer to our handy guide that details How to Sell Your Car.

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