What's the Most Popular Car Color in Your State?

By Aaron Turpen


Ever wonder what the most popular car color is in your state? We ran the numbers to see which used car colors are most popular in each of the 50 United States and compared them with the national favorites.

For the most popular colors overall, we found that 12 states are very fond of red and 11 really prefer green. Interestingly, many of the 12 preferring red are Midwestern states, including Iowa, Kansas and Wyoming. But the states where green is the most popular car color are more random; they include Vermont, Kentucky, Idaho and Washington. 

We dropped black and white as choices unless they were more popular than the national trend since they are base colors that are generally the most popular regardless of make or model.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette StingraySome of the larger vehicle markets in the United States have explainable but fun color preferences. California seems to love shades of gray. Gray hatchbacks, convertibles and coupes make up a larger share of vehicles in California than nationally. Since gray is a practical color and these cars are generally green-minded, the pairing seems obvious.

Texas is a huge fan of brown. The state has more than twice the national average of brown pickup trucks. A few years ago, copper and bronze colors were very popular with new vehicles and now those brown tints are proliferating into the used market while newer shades of brown continue to remain a favorite choice. In automotive design, brown is considered a rich, classy color.

Another shade of brown is the most popular choice in Florida. Beige hatchbacks and convertibles have a larger share there than nationally. What’s interesting is that the most popular hatchback in this color is the Toyota Prius. It may be that hybrids are catching on in the Sunshine State. 

In New York, gray is the winner. Unlike the love for gray we see in California, the NY preference is in vans. These are primarily work vehicles, which helps explain that color choice.

The table below shows the most popular car colors by state.

State Color % Over National Preference
AK blue 37.1%
AL beige 48.2%
AR white 29.4%
AZ yellow 38.7%
CA gray 24.8%
CO gold 50.8%
CT green 35.8%
DE green 39.8%
FL beige 36.2%
GA gold 17.0%
HI silver 32.0%
IA red 32.7%
ID green 33.0%
IL black 11.3%
IN orange 41.1%
KS red 20.9%
KY beige 37.7%
LA brown 36.8%
MA brown 52.3%
MD blue 22.2%
ME green 74.1%
MI red 17.8%
MN red 14.2%
MO red 20.5%
MS white 33.4%
MT green 70.1%
NC white 6.3%
ND red 31.3%
NE red 37.8%
NH green 70.7%
NJ black 19.7%
NM gold 49.1%
NV gold 36.0%
NY gray 31.5%
OH orange 32.4%
OK red 24.0%
OR green 41.6%
PA green 35.2%
RI gray 19.5%
SC gold 38.8%
SD red 30.6%
TN beige 25.4%
TX brown 30.9%
UT white 14.9%
VA green 25.9%
VT green 126.7%
WA green 38.2%
WI red 28.8%
WV red 45.9%
WY red 22.1%

Methodology: iSeeCars.com analyzed over 12 million used cars sold in 2016. The share of each color was calculated by state and nationally. For each state, the state share of each color was then compared to the national share of that color. Colors with fewer than 1,000 listings in the state were removed from further analysis. The state preference for each remaining color was expressed as a percentage difference from the national share. The color in each state with the largest percentage difference over the national share was chosen as the state’s preferred color.