The iSeeCars team looked at the sales figures for vehicles over the past year and wondered which states have the most convertibles being sold in them. Looking at 15 million cars, the results were a mixture of surprise and the obvious.

The national average for convertible sales over the past year is about 1.9 percent of all vehicles sold. Most states fall somewhere near this number in total convertible sales. But some states are far higher than that.

The top three states for convertible sales are Florida, Arizona and California, with 3.6 percent, 2.8 percent, and 2.7 percent of vehicle sales being convertibles in those states, respectively. Those states are obviously warm, sunny places with high average temperatures. The number of “convertible driving days” in those three states is far higher than the national average. These states are followed by Nevada, Georgia and South Carolina, which have similarly sunny weather.


State Convertible Share
FL 3.6%
AZ 2.8%
CA 2.7%
NV 2.3%
GA 2.2%
SC 2.2%
VA 2.1%
NJ 2.1%
CT 2.1%
TN 2.0%
NC 1.9%
RI 1.9%
DE 1.9%
Average 1.9%
MD 1.8%
IL 1.8%
TX 1.7%
AL 1.7%
NH 1.7%
HI 1.6%
MA 1.6%
IN 1.6%
NY 1.6%
MO 1.6%
WA 1.6%
OR 1.6%
OH 1.5%
PA 1.5%
NM 1.5%
CO 1.4%
AR 1.3%
LA 1.3%
KY 1.3%
OK 1.3%
MS 1.3%
SD 1.2%
KS 1.2%
MI 1.2%
NE 1.1%
WV 1.1%
MN 1.1%
UT 1.1%
WI 1.1%
IA 1.1%
VT 1.1%
ME 1.0%
ID 1.0%
ND 0.8%
MT 0.7%
WY 0.6%
AK 0.4%
2006 BMW Z4 Convertible

Looking at the states with the fewest convertible sales, we see nothing unexpected. All of the states with 1 percent or lower on our chart are cold weather states with rougher roads. Montana, Wyoming and Alaska are the bottom three states for convertible sales, followed by North Dakota.

Methodology analyzed over 15 million used cars sold in the U.S. between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017. The number of convertibles sold in each state was expressed as a percentage of the total number of sales, and the resulting percentage share was used to rank all 50 states. Median household income data comes from the U.S. Census ACS 2015 5-Year estimates.