Study reveals major differences in favorite vehicle colors

Miami Beach men and women have completely different preferences for car colors, according to new research by The study analyzes automobile data from 1.2 million consumer inquiries and 17 million sales to identify local preferences by gender. The findings reveal men’s favorite car color is white and women’s favorite colors are a tie between gray and silver.

The data provide a localized snapshot of the automotive data and research company's recently released national study, Car Color Preferences by Gender. “When it comes to car colors, our national results show that men have much stronger preferences than women,” said Phong Ly, CEO. “In Miami Beach, however, women showed stronger preferences for their top colors.”


Car Colors Men Prefer More Than Women in Miami Beach

Rank Color Male Bias National Rank
1 White 67.0% 6
2 Blue 26.2% 10
3 Black 11.4% 3

Car Colors Women Prefer More Than Men in Miami Beach

Rank Color Female Bias National Rank
1 (tie) Gray 92.4% 7
1 (tie) Silver 92.4% 3
3 Red 44.3% 9

Similar to the national trend, the study also revealed that Miami Beach men have more expensive taste than women do when it comes to car colors. “If you compare prices for pre-owned cars in Miami Beach, the average price for men’s favorite colors is 42 percent more expensive than women’s favorite colors. The national average for the same price comparison is in the same direction, at 22 percent more for men’s favorite colors,” said Ly.



  • Miami Beach women have a stronger preference for the same number of colors as Miami Beach men do –  three.
  • The top favorite colors women prefer more than men are gray and silver, both by 92.4 percent, followed by red (44.3 percent).  
  • Men have a stronger preference than women do for white cars by 67.0 percent, followed by blue (26.2 percent) and black (11.4 percent).
  • The top-ranked national favorites (yellow and orange for men, teal for women) did not rank in Miami Beach because the sample sizes were too low.
  • The average used car price for the colors women prefer is $23,924 compared to $33,978 for the colors men prefer. Average prices for men and women’s national favorite car colors are $18,196 and $14,938, respectively.

Methodology analyzed data from more than 1.2 million consumer car inquiries on between March 2009 and August 2017. It categorized inquiries as coming from male or female consumers based on their first names, and calculated the share of male and female inquires for each color. The difference in share between male and female inquiries was expressed as a percentage of female inquiry share and male inquiry share to calculate male and female bias toward each color, respectively. Only data from Miami Beach was included in the final analysis. Colors with fewer than 10 total inquiries were excluded from the analysis. also analyzed more than 17 million used car sales between September 2016 and August 2017 for used car prices.


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