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Buying a new car? Your timing is excellent say automotive expertsexternal link icon

Lucid faces price pressure from Tesla, slowing economyexternal link icon

Even with used-car prices falling, buyers are still paying more than $7,100 above ‘normal,’ report findsexternal link icon

Used cars are finally getting cheaper. Tesla's Model 3 and these 9 models are seeing the biggest price drops.external link icon

These 10 Used Cars Just Got Way Cheaperexternal link icon

Used car prices are going down; what it means for 2023external link icon

Some used car prices are falling; here are the biggest losersexternal link icon

Most Popular Used Cars In 2022 By Stateexternal link icon

These 10 Used Cars Just Became Much Cheaperexternal link icon

The Most Popular Used Cars and Trucks in Americaexternal link icon

This Is Why Porsche 911 Owners Never Regret Buying Oneexternal link icon

Ford Fusion Among Most Popular Used Hybrids of 2022external link icon

Sky-High Used-Car Prices Are Finally Coming Back Down To Earthexternal link icon

In wholesale & retail, used-car price changes offering much-needed reliefexternal link icon

Used Car Prices Are Finally Crashing: Check Out THESE Bargains!external link icon

Pickups Top Used-Vehicle Popularity Listexternal link icon

Experts say chip shortage will linger for several more months, encourage research before buying vehicle in 2023external link icon

Old's cool! 1990s cars have soared in value by up to 78%, with Ford Broncos, Buick Roadmasters, Nissan 300ZXs and Madza Miatas among sought-after retro modelsexternal link icon

iSeeCars Best Cars Of 2023 - Two Unlikely Subaru Models Score First Placeexternal link icon

Catch The Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup Truck — If You Canexternal link icon

The 10 Most Popular Used Cars In The U.S., Rankedexternal link icon

Most popular used cars in the US by sales AND state: Pickups dominate the market with Ford F150 and Chevrolet Silverado taking top two spotsexternal link icon

Discover the Most Popular Used Trucks of 2022: Rugged and Ready for Anythingexternal link icon

Here Are the 10 Best-Selling Used Vehicles from 2022external link icon

Most Popular Used Cars In America For 2022external link icon

North American Car, Truck, Utility of the Year Winners Awardedexternal link icon

The Ford F-150 Was the Most Popular Used Vehicle in the U.S. in 2022external link icon

New study shows these are the best used cars for the money in New Yorkexternal link icon

The World’s Love Affair With Japanese Cars Is Souringexternal link icon

Electric-Vehicle Tax Credit: Musk, Tesla Fans Pressure Governmentexternal link icon

3 Ways To Get a Free VIN Check Before Buying a Used Carexternal link icon

The 10 Best Used Cars for Your Money in 2023external link icon

Vehicles That Hold Their Valueexternal link icon

Tesla used car price bubble pops, weighs on new car demandexternal link icon

Twitter brings Elon Musk’s genius reputation crashing down to earthexternal link icon

Named the best 10-year-old pickups, according to iSeeCars. The best-selling car in the US, the Ford F-150, just came in at number eightexternal link icon

The best bang for your buck: These 10-year-old used cars cost less than $16,000 and could go for another 100,000 milesexternal link icon

Buying a 10-Year-Old Chevy Impala Maximizes Your Miles per Dollar: Studyexternal link icon

A Used Chevy Impala Offers Most Miles Per Dollar, Study Findsexternal link icon

These 10-year-old used cars deliver the most miles per dollarexternal link icon

Best Used Hybrid Cars For Less Than $20,000 — Based On Lifespanexternal link icon

Used cars are still expensive. These are the 20 best models for the money, according to a new study.external link icon

Chevy Impala Best Used Car For The Money, Says Studyexternal link icon

A New Car Under Sticker? It’s Possible — but Not by Muchexternal link icon

These Are the Cars With the Longest Potential Lifespanexternal link icon

Seven of the road’s longest-lasting vehicles – is your car on the list?external link icon

The 10 Used Cars That Hold Their Value Best After 5 Yearsexternal link icon

Study Finds Porsche 911 And Jeep Wrangler Are Practically Depreciation Proofexternal link icon

New, Used or Leased: Is Now the Time to Buy an Electric Vehicle?external link icon

2023 Ford Super Duty pickup had 52,000 orders in 5 daysexternal link icon

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