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Popular Used Cars are Now 26.7% Less Affordable Than They Were Three Years Agoexternal link icon

Would You Buy a Car at $19,000 over MSRP? Majority Say They Wouldexternal link icon

Most Reliable Car Brands in 2022external link icon

Why California drivers hate colorful carsexternal link icon

A new vehicle system could stop you from driving above the speed limitexternal link icon

New cars in Greensboro selling 10% over MSRPexternal link icon

Tesla Is Right to Sell Directly to Consumers -- Here's Whyexternal link icon

Electric/Plug-Ins Dominate List Of Top 10 Fastest-Selling Carsexternal link icon

Used car prices dip but new car prices are still climbingexternal link icon

Is Car Flipping Worth It?external link icon

Soaring Fuel Costs Sent Second-Hand EV Prices Skyrocketing In 2022external link icon

Used EV Prices Rise Much Faster Than for ICE Vehiclesexternal link icon

Summer 2022 Was Basically the Worst Time Ever for Car Buyersexternal link icon

BEV Prices Keep Risingexternal link icon

Used EV prices rising five times faster than gas-powered carsexternal link icon

Two ways your smart-car technology can do you more harm than goodexternal link icon

Used Teslas are in high demand—but selling them can be complicatedexternal link icon

California Accelerates Toward All-Electric Future with Ban on New Gas-Powered Cars Starting 2035external link icon

Ford prepares to unveil what's likely the last gas-powered Mustangexternal link icon

EV prices are going in the wrong directionexternal link icon

Used EV Prices Soared 5X More Than Gas Car Prices Year-Over-Yearexternal link icon

Tesla vs ICE: Used EV prices rose 5X more than combustion-powered cars in Julyexternal link icon

Why Used EV And Hybrid-Car Prices Are Skyrocketingexternal link icon

Here are the Top 10 Cars with the Greatest Price Increases in July 2022external link icon

After Losing Favor to Electric Cars, Plug-In Hybrids Gain Groundexternal link icon

Want To Buy A Used Tesla? Better Act Fast, Here's How Long They Last On Market On Averageexternal link icon

Average Car Payments Hit a Record High. Here’s What to Know.external link icon

Most popular alternative cars in Phoenix namedexternal link icon

Study: Demand for hybrids and EVs is soaring in rural Americaexternal link icon

Consumers in rural states show strong interest in hybrid and electric vehiclesexternal link icon

Hybrid, EV growth strongest in Mississippi, Hawaii, Utahexternal link icon

Used Cars With the Most Stable Pricesexternal link icon

These are the 10 used-car models whose prices rose the most in Mayexternal link icon

The 3 Best (And 3 Worst) Car Colors for Resale Valueexternal link icon

Conventional Wisdom Proven 100 Percent Wrong: Yellow Cars Depreciate the Leastexternal link icon

The color of your car can affect its resale value – discover how much your car’s color is worthexternal link icon

Want your car to retain its value? Buy a yellow oneexternal link icon

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