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Toyota Avalon, Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Named the most durable sedans and hatchbacks in the worldexternal link icon

New Study Reveals The Most Dependable Cars Money Can Buyexternal link icon

The 20 Longest-Lasting Cars You Can Buyexternal link icon

New Tax Credit Rules Are Squashing Sales of America’s Best EVexternal link icon

Want a Car That Will Last More Than 250,000 Miles? Buy One of These Modelsexternal link icon

Believe it or not, Subaru isn’t the No. 1 vehicle of choice for Colorado driversexternal link icon

6 Best Places to Find Free Car Reports in 2023external link icon

The Cars Most and Least Likely to Have Safety Recallsexternal link icon

GM to kill off Chevy Bolt, paving way for new EVsexternal link icon

Is a NHTSA Safety Recall That Can Be Fixed by an OTA Update Still a Recall?external link icon

TOTAL RECALL: Warning as Tesla becomes most-recalled auto brand ‘over the past decade’ – how to check your vehicleexternal link icon

Tesla Dominates the Top Five Most Recalled Car List, Porsche Panamera Gets an Honorable Mentionexternal link icon

You'll Never Guess Which Automaker (Tesla) Has the Most Expected Recallsexternal link icon

These vehicles are least likely to be recalled over their lifetimesexternal link icon

New Cars That Are About To Tank In Value In 2023external link icon

Sticks plus carrots: How realistic is Biden’s electric-car target?external link icon

Some Used Vehicles Still Cost More to Purchase than Newexternal link icon

Some cars, including the Toyota Corolla and Ford Bronco, are worth up to $8,000 more used than if they were newexternal link icon

Used Car Prices Set To Rise Again, But These Models Already Sell For More Than New Onesexternal link icon

Used Ford Maverick pickups still cost more than new onesexternal link icon

Avoid these used cars if you don't want to overpayexternal link icon

10 Cars That Cost More Used Than Newexternal link icon

Ford Maverick Among Many Vehicles Still Selling For More Used Than Newexternal link icon

10 Used Car Models With Plummeting Prices (Finally)external link icon

Are Used Car Prices Dropping? Here's What We Knowexternal link icon

When Will Car Prices Drop in 2023?external link icon

The Price of This Used Car Dropped 22%external link icon

Used-Car Prices on Downward Slopeexternal link icon

Denver car dealers still able to command a premium on new vehiclesexternal link icon

Used-Car Prices Fall: Consumers want lower-priced options and are shying away from BEVsexternal link icon

The new cars you pay more for in DFWexternal link icon

Study Finds This Pickup Packs the Most Sticker Shock in Fresnoexternal link icon

Studies show Utah's car sales markups are higher than averageexternal link icon

Chicago fastest growing city in U.S. for auto theftsexternal link icon

Why Classic Cars in Crazy Colors Are Crushing It at Auctionexternal link icon

The 10 New Cars with the Craziest Dealer Markups Right Nowexternal link icon

Study suggests infrastructure may not be able to handle influx of electrical vehiclesexternal link icon

Used Tesla EV Prices Dropping at Fast Rates! Here’s How To Buy 2nd-hand Electric Carsexternal link icon

When Will the Car Market Return to Normal?external link icon

Tesla opens first batch of Superchargers to non-Tesla EVsexternal link icon

11 Best Options for a Free VIN Check in 2023external link icon

This List Shows The Most & Least EV-Friendly States In Americaexternal link icon

How electric vehicle-friendly is California compared to the rest of the nation?external link icon

Are you picking the right gas at the pump? How to knowexternal link icon

Experts say new and used car prices are slowly droppingexternal link icon

Prices for Used Teslas and Other EVs Are Dropping More Than Gas-Powered Carsexternal link icon

Tesla raises Model Y prices after Treasury says it counts as an SUVexternal link icon

Tesla Has Raised New Car Prices as Used Values Sink. Carvana Is Trying To Keep Up.external link icon

Tesla Isn’t Alone in Cutting EV Price as Economic Conditions Now Favor Car Buyersexternal link icon

New electric cars come with a built-in mystery: Nobody can predict their resale valueexternal link icon

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