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Mercedes-Benz aims to reinvent class with new global campaignexternal link icon

Domestic Vehicles Among The Slowest-Selling In America, Whether They’re New Or Usedexternal link icon

Looking for a cheap used car in central Pa.? Good luckexternal link icon

Looking for a used car for under $20K? Good luckexternal link icon

10 Toyota Models With Outstanding Resale Valueexternal link icon

The American Car No One Wantsexternal link icon

Tesla Model Y is US’ fastest selling used electric vehicle: studyexternal link icon

Used cars are selling faster, while new cars spend more time on the lot than a year agoexternal link icon

These are the fastest-selling new cars of 2023external link icon

Car Buying Trends with Karl Brauerexternal link icon

New Or Used, The Under-$20,000 Vehicle Is An Endangered Speciesexternal link icon

Used Car Prices: Is the $20,000 Ride Getting Killed By the Post-Pandemic Market?external link icon

Looking for a used car under $20K? Good luck!external link icon

It's Nearly Impossible to Find a Good Used Car Under $20,000external link icon

Affordable used cars are tough to find in the Valley. Here's whyexternal link icon

Used cars for less than $20,000 have ‘nearly vanished,’ study saysexternal link icon

Sticker Shock: 10 New Cars With the Steepest Price Markupsexternal link icon

Now's The Perfect Time To Buy These 6 Hybrids And EVsexternal link icon

New, used EV prices have dropped, but don’t rush to buy: ‘It’s not a consumer-friendly market,’ analyst saysexternal link icon

The biggest price drops, increases on used carsexternal link icon

Why Are Electric Cars Clogging Dealer Lots?external link icon

Used EVs Are Cheaper Than Ever: 10 Models With Price Drops up to 30%external link icon

Yellow Cars Paint a Bright Depreciation Picture, but Don't Get a Gold Oneexternal link icon

Used EV prices are collapsing — and Tesla is the reason whyexternal link icon

Want To Buy A Used EV? These 10 Models Have Dropped Most In Costexternal link icon

Used Car Market Forecast As Prices Suffer Biggest Fall in Yearsexternal link icon

Tesla Price Cuts Tanked Both New and Used EV Prices, Other Industries Also Affectedexternal link icon

Declines in used car and gasoline prices help ease U.S. inflationexternal link icon

Ford's electric Mustang Mach-E is piling up on dealer lots as the automaker confronts an EV-inventory problemexternal link icon

Great News for Prospective EV Buyers (And It Involves Tesla)external link icon

Is The ‘Greening’ of California’s New Car Sales Slowing Down?external link icon

Used car prices see second-biggest monthly dropexternal link icon

Study Reveals Varying Adoption Rates of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Across US Statesexternal link icon

Alaska And Arkansas Are Switching To EVs And Hybrids Faster Than Californiaexternal link icon

What are the best and worst car colors when it comes to selling? You may be surprisedexternal link icon

Black and yellow: Which car colors have the best and worst resale value in Pittsburgh?external link icon

You Won't Believe How Much the Correct Paint Color Boosts Your Vehicle's Valueexternal link icon

These Car Colors Have the Highest (and Lowest) Resale Valueexternal link icon

What are the most popular EVs on Fresno's Streets?external link icon

Tesla Model X: The Most Driven Electric Vehicle, But Still Behind Gas-Powered Carsexternal link icon

Study: Tesla leads other EVs in miles driven per yearexternal link icon

Would You Buy A $25,000 Tesla Model C — Today — If You Could?external link icon

2024 Ranger pricing, all U.S. Vinfasts recalled, Teslas the most-driven EVsexternal link icon

Tesla Drivers Use Their EVs More Than Anyone Else, Analysis Showsexternal link icon

Which EVs Are Driven The Most (The Least)? Check Out This Studyexternal link icon

Saving the Planet? New Data Shows That Affordable EV Owners Barely Drive Themexternal link icon

Chrysler’s Future Banks On Electric Successexternal link icon

Some new electric vehicle models facing lengthy production delaysexternal link icon

List Of 23 Vehicles Most Likely To Make 250,000 Milesexternal link icon

7 Best Apps For Buying New And Used Carsexternal link icon

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