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iSeeCars iVIN Report: WBA3B5C57DF596526
2013 BMW 3 Series AWD 328i xDrive 4dr Sedan

Estimated Market Value
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Estimated Mileage: 42,700 (Change) Estimated Market Value
: $17,448 (Nationwide - Specify zipcode)

Key Specs

Make: BMW
Model: 3 Series
Trim: 328i xDrive
Year: 2013
Style: AWD 328i xDrive 4dr Sedan
Exterior Color: Black
Market Segment: Luxury, Performance
Body Type: Sedan
Doors: 4
Seats: 5
Seat Rows: 2
Drive Type: AWD
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Cylinders: 4
Engine Displacement: 2.0 L
Engine Power: 240 HP (Sedan avg: 201)
Engine Torque: 255 ft-lbs (Sedan avg: 203)
Weight to Power Ratio: 15 lbs/hp

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Safety Ratings

Overall Rating:
Frontal Crash:
Side Crash:


child safety
alloy wheels
satellite radio
power outlet
anti-theft system

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Picture from a previous listing on
Photo of WBA3B5C57DF596526 2013 BMW 3 Series AWD 328i xDrive 4dr Sedan
Posted on 2016-11-15 in Stafford, VA 22554

Market Value & Pricing Info

Estimated market value: $17,448 - based on an estimated mileage of 42,700 (Change)

Mileage Analysis

Estimated Mileage: 42,700 (Change)
Estimated miles driven per year: 8,758 miles for the average 2013 BMW 3 Series.
Seller's Description
(from previous listing on 2016-11-15):
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Days Listed for Sale Info

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Listing History

This vehicle was listed for sale on iSeeCars on the following dates and places:

  Listed Removed Price Mileage Color Seller / Location
1 2016-01-07 2016-01-21 (14 days) $25,995 23,302 Jet Black Ellicott City, MD 21043
2 2016-04-08 2016-04-15 (7 days) $25,275 23,302 Jet Black Ellicott City, MD 21043
3 2016-07-19 2016-10-10 (83 days) $21,785 24,196 Jet Black Stafford, VA 22554
4 2016-11-15 2017-01-04 (50 days) $19,495 23,302 Black Stafford, VA 22554

Projected Depreciation

Depreciation is the largest cost in owning a vehicle, typically making up 40-50% of the total cost of ownership. This vehicle is projected to depreciate by 3528 over 5 years. This vehicle depreciates 633 less than the average 2013 BMW 3 Series.

Figures are based on an estimated mileage of 42,700 (Change)

Current Value 1 Year from Now 3 Years from Now 5 Years from Now
This Vehicle $17,448
Typical Similar Vehicles:
2013 BMW 3 Series 328i xDrive Sedan $17,387
2013 BMW 3 Series $17,985
Competitor Vehicles:
2013 Volkswagen CC $12,451
2013 Chrysler 300 $16,943
2013 Cadillac ATS $16,574

Similar Cars Comparison

Estimated Mileage Estimated Market Value
This Vehicle 42,700 (Change) $17,448
Typical Similar Vehicles: Average Price Average Mileage Average Market Value
2013 BMW 3 Series $16,170 22,979 more than this vehicle $1,104 less than this vehicle
Competitor Vehicles:
2013 Volkswagen CC $11,951 1,246 more than this vehicle $4,787 less than this vehicle
2013 Chrysler 300 $16,524 33,470 more than this vehicle $2,600 less than this vehicle
2013 Cadillac ATS $15,309 18,951 more than this vehicle $2,166 less than this vehicle

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Selling This Vehicle?

Based on our analysis, the estimated market value is $17,448. Other prices to consider selling for are:

$16,730 $17,022 $18,236
In a Rush to Sell? In a Rush to Sell? Want to Make More Money?
Asking Price Compared to Market Price % Similar Vehicles Priced Higher Demand
$16,730 $717 less 65% 50% more than at market
$17,022 $425 less 56% 25% more than at market
$18,236 $788 more 26% 25% less than at market

Owner's Manual

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