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How To Do a Nissan VIN Number Lookup

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Nissan VIN Decoder and Nissan VIN Check FAQs

What does a Nissan vehicle identification number decoder do?
A Nissan VIN decoder deciphers the VIN information that auto manufacturers provide for their vehicles. Automakers assign a Nissan vehicle identification number, or VIN, to cars using the NHTSA's standardized VIN guidelines for cars manufactured in the U.S. in or after 1981. This distinct number identifies each vehicle individually, much like a serial number does.
Why is checking a Nissan serial number decoder important?

When you're looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, the Nissan VIN check can assist you in assessing its condition and dependability. You can also check if the VIN's make and model correspond to the actual car you're interested in buying. If the codes don't match, then you may want to find out the reason why to avoid being scammed.

Can you do a Nissan VIN check for free on iSeeCars?
Yes, when you sign up for a free account you can do a free VIN lookup on the website or the mobile VIN report app. Signing up takes less than a minute and gives you five free look ups a month. After you sign up, please make sure you're logged into your account whenever you want to check a Nissan VIN. There are also budget-friendly options available if you want to do more VIN checks. We suggest starting with our Free plan, so you can preview all of the information and analytics included in our iVIN Reports.
Is this Nissan VIN decoder the same as a vehicle history report?

A vehicle history report from companies like CARFAX or AutoCheck is different than an iSeeCars iVIN Report. iVIN Reports include a vehicle history report summary and a link to purchase the full report if you want to find out more. (For some Nissan VINs, a full report may be included if it is provided by the vehicle's seller.) A vehicle history report can help reveal important details, but it's helpful to remember that vehicle history report companies rely on official reports and some incidents may not have been reported to their sources. We always recommend doing your own research and considering getting a full pre-purchase vehicle inspection by a reputable and qualified mechanic before making a final decision.

Is a Nissan VIN check the same as a Nissan chassis number check?

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, is sometimes referred to as the chassis number. You can use the iSeeCars VIN lookup if you want to find out Nissan VIN number info, as well as in-depth analytics that are exclusive to our reports.

Is this Nissan VIN decoder the same as a Nissan check for recalls?
The iVIN Report shows you a list all of the recalls for the Nissan VIN's year, make and model. It also includes a link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's safety issues and recalls page for the VIN, where you can see if there are any unrepaired recalls associated with the Nissan VIN number in the last 15 years and what those unrepaired recalls are.

Where is the Nissan identification VIN Number?

Interior of the car

You can typically see the Nissan VIN on the inside of the vehicle, on the dashboard above the steering wheel. If you're outside of the car you should see it when you look at the bottom right windshield.

Door jamb
Inside the driver's door

Sometimes the VIN is not on the dashboard, but is located on the inside of the driver's door where the door connects to the car. Nissan VINs are also recorded on the registration, title and insurance info.

Nissan VIN Number Breakdown

Nissan VINs for models manufactured in or after 1981 are composed of 17 characters consisting of numbers and letters, and each set of numbers has a specific meaning.

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