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2023 Audi e-tron

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2023 Audi e-tron

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The Audi e-tron is a top contender in its class, ranking highly in several categories. It is considered the best off-road electric luxury small SUV, outperforming 10 other vehicles in this category. When it comes to towing, the e-tron also excels, ranking second out of 25 small electric SUVs, demonstrating its power and versatility. Furthermore, it maintains this second place position in the narrower category of electric luxury small SUVs for towing. These rankings indicate that the Audi e-tron is a leading choice for those seeking a small electric SUV that offers luxury, off-road capability, and towing capacity.

2023 Audi e-tron Ratings

Audi e-tron
Overall Score: Not available yet
Reliability: Not available yet
Retained Value: 6.4 / 10
Safety: 10.0 / 10

Audi e-tron Depreciation and Resale Value

Audi e-tron
$ Depreciation: $47,673
% Depreciation: 67.3%
% Residual Value: 32.7%
$ Resale Value: $23,127
% Typical All Luxury Electric Compact SUVs Depreciation: 67.4%
All Luxury Electric Compact SUVs Depreciation Range: 54.1% - 69%
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2023 Audi e-tron Trims

Trim Engine Drive Train MSRP
AWD quattro Premium 4dr SUV AWD 70800
AWD quattro Premium Plus 4dr SUV AWD 77800
AWD quattro Chronos 4dr SUV AWD 86400

Used Car Pricing

Audi e-tron

Here's what the prices look like for a used Audi e-tron for different model years. A 3-year-old used Audi e-tron averages $36,397 while a 5-year-old used Audi e-tron is $31,705.

Model Year (Age) Avg Used Car Price
2023 Audi e-tron (1 year old) $51,426
2022 Audi e-tron (2 years old) $40,749
2021 Audi e-tron (3 years old) $36,397
2019 Audi e-tron (5 years old) $31,705

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