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Best Family Luxury Cars for 2024

These are the best family luxury cars ranked by iSeeCars' analysis of each vehicle’s reliability and NHTSA and IIHS safety ratings, along with key family-friendly features.

The best family luxury small and compact car is the Lexus IS 350, with the Lexus ES 250 being the best family luxury midsize car. The Lexus ES 300h ranks #1 for the best family luxury hybrid cars.

The best family luxury electric car is the Tesla Model 3, with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (wagon) being the best family luxury wagon.

Combining luxury car amenities with family car practicality is the promise of today’s best family luxury cars. While the majority of these vehicles are luxury sedans, iSeeCars has also identified the best luxury wagons and electric vehicles below. These luxury cars are ranked by their Family Car Score, which prioritizes safety and reliability and then considers which family friendly features are available on each model. We also include information on fuel economy, cargo space, safety features and new and used pricing.

Shoppers seeking family-friendly luxury vehicles, without incurring the higher base price and lower mpg of full-size SUVs and crossovers, should consider the vehicles listed below. They may not offer a third-row seat or as much cubic feet of storage space behind the second row, but they feature more fuel-efficient turbocharged powertrains instead of large-displacement V8s, and they still offer the latest new-car tech features, such as large touchscreen displays and advanced infotainment systems.

Many of these models can also be equipped with all-wheel drive while offering an elevated ride height and, in the case of luxury wagons, hatchback functionality. This makes luxury wagons far more practical for smaller families than minivans like the Honda Odyssey or hulking three-row SUVs like the BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade, Genesis GV80, and Lincoln Navigator. And while their off-road prowess may not equate to Land Rover Range Rover capabilities, these all-wheel-drive wagons offer exceptional confidence on slick or snow-packed roads.

Electric cars are an emerging option for all automotive buyers. These models feature powerful motors delivering sports-car-like acceleration and quiet, refined cabins for both front and rear seat passengers. Advanced sound systems and safety technology like blind-spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking are often standard on luxury EVs. But potential buyers need to understand EV charging requirements, and may want to stick with a gasoline model if frequent road trips are planned.

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How We Rank These Cars

The Best Family Cars rank vehicles by iSeeCars' analysis of each vehicle’s reliability and NHTSA and IIHS safety ratings, along with key family-friendly features.

The best family vehicle is specific to one or more trim levels for a given vehicle model, and has the highest combined reliability and safety score as well as the most important family-friendly features. In the event there is a tie, we use iSeeCars proprietary rating of the overall quality of the car (iSeeCars Score) to break the tie.

Separately, the overall iSeeCars Score shown for each vehicle is an analysis of three factors: reliability, resale value and safety. It is calculated based on the latest research and analysis by our data science team. The data analysis comes from over 12 million new and used vehicles in our Longest-Lasting Cars and 5-Year Depreciation Studies, combined with NHTSA and IIHS Safety Ratings.

Vehicles are scored in three categories:


The reliability score represents an analysis of iSeeCars' proprietary research on the longest-lasting vehicles.

Value Retention

The value retention score is based on our data science team's statistical analysis and prediction of 5-year depreciation from MSRP to determine which cars hold their value best, using US Bureau of Labor Statistics data to adjust for inflation.


The safety score is calculated based on the last five years of crash test ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and incorporates the latest Top Safety Pick information from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

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