2000 Chevrolet Venture base price starts at $20,650 to $29,350. MSRP and invoice price goes from $19,101 to $26,562.

Trim Style Invoice MSRP
4dr Ext WB 20010 22110
Value 1SV Pkg 4dr Reg WB Value 1SV Pkg 19101 20650
1SA Pkg 4dr Reg WB Base 1SA Pkg 20227 22350
Plus 1SB Pkg 4dr Reg WB Plus 1SB Pkg 21458 23710
LS 1SC Pkg 4dr Reg WB LS 1SC Pkg 22363 24710
Plus 1SB Pkg 4dr Ext WB Plus 1SB Pkg 22363 24710
LS 1SC Pkg 4dr Ext WB LS 1SC Pkg 23268 25710
LT 1SD Pkg 4dr Ext WB LT 1SD Pkg 25440 28110
Warner Bros. 1SE Pkg 4dr Ext WB Warner Bros. 1SE Pkg 26562 29350