While the average used car price is 3.6 percent less than it was last year, used car prices still remain higher than pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, new car prices have increased by 7.4 percent compared to last year. 

A decrease in used car prices has led to an increased demand for used cars, which are selling 6.1 percent faster than they were last year according to a recent iSeeCars analysis. Conversely, an increase in new car prices has led to a decrease in demand for new cars, which are selling 25.7 percent slower during the same period. 

Analyzing over 228,000 cars sold in July 2023, iSeeCars.com found that the average used car takes 49.2 days to sell, while the average new car takes 48.2 days.

Fastest-Selling Used Cars by State

What were July’s fastest-selling used cars across the country? Here are the new vehicles in the highest demand by state:
Fastest-Selling Used Car in Each State - July 2023
State Vehicle Average Days to Sell
Alabama GMC Yukon 27.1
Alaska - -
Arizona Chevrolet Corvette 18.2
Arkansas Honda Odyssey 18.4
California Kia Niro 23.1
Colorado Nissan Murano 19.9
Connecticut Acura RDX 21.2
Delaware Lexus ES 350 25.5
Florida Volkswagen Golf GTI 19.1
Georgia Honda Ridgeline 24.3
Hawaii Honda Civic 35.7
Idaho Chevrolet Colorado 33.7
Illinois Audi Q3 17.1
Indiana Ford Bronco 18.9
Iowa Nissan Rogue 36.3
Kansas Nissan Rogue 39.9
Kentucky Acura MDX 31.7
Louisiana Honda HR-V 28.7
Maine Subaru Crosstrek 38.1
Maryland Mercedes-Benz GLE 25.2
Massachusetts Lincoln Corsair 27.7
Michigan Ford Bronco 26.8
Minnesota Toyota Sienna 18.1
Mississippi Toyota Corolla 25.7
Missouri Subaru Crosstrek 21.4
Montana Ford Expedition Max 25.3
Nebraska Honda CR-V 44.2
Nevada Kia Sorento 20.2
New Hampshire Subaru Forester 29.9
New Jersey Toyota 4Runner 24.3
New Mexico Nissan Rogue 25.6
New York Ford Bronco 14.2
North Carolina GMC Yukon XL 20.4
North Dakota Ford Explorer 35.3
Ohio Kia Seltos 26.8
Oklahoma Nissan Frontier 20.5
Oregon GMC Sierra 1500 28.0
Pennsylvania Lincoln Aviator 27.4
Rhode Island Honda CR-V 23.2
South Carolina Chevrolet Tahoe 23.5
South Dakota Jeep Grand Cherokee 46.6
Tennessee GMC Yukon 27.5
Texas Hyundai Venue 25.8
Utah Honda CR-V 26.2
Vermont Toyota RAV4 20.5
Virginia Chevrolet Suburban 20.9
Washington Honda HR-V 24.1
West Virginia Hyundai Elantra 33.7
Wisconsin Subaru Forester 23.4
Wyoming RAM 1500 33.6
  • The Ford Bronco, Nissan Rogue, and Honda CR-V are tied as the fastest-selling used car in most states with three.
  • SUVs are the fastest-selling vehicle type in 36 states.
  • The fastest-selling new vehicle across all states is the Ford Bronco in New York at 14.2 days.  

Fastest-Selling New Cars By State

These were the fastest-selling new cars in each state:
Fastest-Selling New Car in Each State - July 2023
State Vehicle Average Days to Sell
Alabama Hyundai Santa Cruz 20.9
Alaska RAM 1500 50.6
Arizona Subaru Forester 14.2
Arkansas Hyundai Santa Fe 12.6
California Toyota Sienna 11.5
Colorado Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid 17.5
Connecticut Subaru Forester 17.7
Delaware Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 22.4
Florida Honda Civic 9.0
Georgia Toyota Corolla 5.9
Hawaii Hyundai Santa Cruz 12.8
Idaho Chevrolet Silverado 1500 30.6
Illinois Toyota RAV4 11.8
Indiana Hyundai Palisade 22.2
Iowa Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 21.1
Kansas Ford Maverick 5.0
Kentucky Hyundai Palisade 21.7
Louisiana Hyundai Sonata 8.2
Maine Toyota Tacoma 35.2
Maryland Hyundai Santa Cruz 9.1
Massachusetts Lexus NX 350h 13.7
Michigan Jeep Grand Cherokee 25.4
Minnesota Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid 24.9
Mississippi Toyota Camry 22.1
Missouri Subaru Outback 16.4
Montana RAM 1500 28.7
Nebraska Hyundai Santa Fe 17.1
Nevada Subaru WRX 24.1
New Hampshire Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 14.9
New Jersey Ford Expedition Max 14.0
New Mexico Nissan Sentra 11.2
New York Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 5.1
North Carolina Volvo XC90 10.8
North Dakota Honda CR-V 110.2
Ohio Subaru Crosstrek 4.5
Oklahoma Hyundai Santa Fe 23.1
Oregon Subaru Forester 4.6
Pennsylvania Volkswagen Atlas 14.1
Rhode Island Subaru Outback 23.3
South Carolina Chevrolet Tahoe 17.2
South Dakota - -
Tennessee Cadillac Escalade 5.9
Texas Honda Civic 6.1
Utah Toyota Tacoma 17.8
Vermont Mazda CX-30 39.1
Virginia Subaru Crosstrek 15.8
Washington Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 18.4
West Virginia Hyundai Kona 11.9
Wisconsin Chevrolet Trailblazer 13.6
Wyoming - -
  • The Honda Civic, Hyundai Santa Fe, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and Subaru Forester are tied as the fastest-selling new car in most states with three.
  • SUVs are the fastest-selling vehicle type in 31 states.
  • The fastest-selling new vehicle across all states is the Subaru Crosstrek in Ohio at 4.5 days.  
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