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Get better results by using our data-driven resources to research cars, track inventory and local trends, and set the most competitive pricing.


Get leading insights into your local market, sales trends, and key pricing and market data when you subscribe to iVIN Pro or iVIN Elite.

  • Unlimited reports you can access anywhere
  • Free VHR, data and CARFAX report integration
  • No contract, cancel anytime
  • API Access and more with the iVIN Elite plan
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Gain a better understanding of your local market, compare inventory and demand, and make sure your pricing stays competitive.

  • Access unlimited reports with iVIN Pro or iVIN Elite
  • Get an accurate picture of supply and demand
  • Fine-tune your inventory strategy
  • Keep track of your competitors
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Get a detailed pricing report that provides an estimate of a used car's value and an analysis of listing prices based on demand.

  • See a used vehicle's current market value
  • Compare the pricing for similar cars
  • Use VIN number or car info to calculate price
  • Take advantage of unlimited free pricing reports
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Engage and impress potential buyers with the latest car stats featured in our widely published and popular consumer-friendly studies.

  • Use our research to help reassure customers
  • Highlight safety benefits like the fewest recalls
  • Give tips about the longest-lasting cars
  • Share data on what cars are the best deals.
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