See the 2000 Honda Civic pictures for all trims / styles available.

CX CX Manual Hatchback

CX CX Automatic Hatchback

DX DX Manual Hatchback

DX DX Automatic Hatchback

DX DX Manual Coupe

DX DX Automatic Coupe

HX HX Manual Coupe

HX HX Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) Coupe

EX EX Manual Coupe

EX EX Automatic Coupe

EX-A EX-A Automatic Coupe with ABS

Si Si Manual Coupe

DX DX Manual Sedan

DX DX Automatic Sedan

VP VP Automatic Sedan

LX LX Manual Sedan

LX LX Automatic Sedan

EX EX Manual Sedan

EX EX Automatic Sedan