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1994 Saab 900

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Safety Features

See the list of 1994 Saab 900 safety features that comes standard for the available trims / styles.

Base 3dr Coupe Base 5-Speed Manual

Base 3dr Coupe Base 4-Speed Auto

w/Sunroof 3dr Coupe 5-Speed Manual w/Sunroof

w/Sunroof 3dr Coupe 4-Speed Auto w/Sunroof

SE w/Sunroof 3dr Coupe 5-Speed Manual SE w/Sunroof

Base 5dr Sedan Base 5-Speed Manual

Base 5dr Sedan Base 4-Speed Auto

5dr Sedan 5-Speed Manual w/Sunroof

w/Sunroof 5dr Sedan 4-Speed Auto w/Sunroof

SE 5dr Sedan 5-Speed Manual SE

SE 5dr Sedan 4-Speed Auto SE

2dr Convertible 5-Spd Manual

2dr Convertible 3-Spd Auto

Man 2dr Convertible Turbo 5-Spd Man

2dr Convertible Turbo 3-Spd Auto

2dr Convertible 5-Spd w/Turbo/Wood Dash

2dr Convertible Auto w/Turbo/Wood Dash

Comm. Edition 2dr Convertible 5-Spd Comm. Edition