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1994 Honda Civic

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NHTSA Crash Test Ratings

Research the 1994 Honda Civic safety ratings as tested and given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) based on a 5-Star scoring system.

Style Frontal Passenger Frontal Driver Side Rear Passenger Side Driver Rollover Rating Total Score
3dr Hatchback 1.5L CX 5-Spd (CA)
3dr Hatchback 1.5L DX 5-Spd
3dr Hatchback 1.5L DX Auto
3dr Hatchback 1.5L VX 5-Spd (CA)
3dr Hatchback 1.6L Si 5-Spd
3dr Hatchback 1.6L 5-Spd Si w/ABS
2dr Coupe 1.5L DX 5-Spd
2dr Coupe 1.5L DX Auto
2dr Coupe 1.6L EX 5-Spd
2dr Coupe 1.6L EX Auto
2dr Coupe 1.6L 5-Spd EX w/ABS
2dr Coupe 1.6L Auto EX w/ABS
4dr Sedan 1.5L DX 5-Spd
4dr Sedan 1.5L DX Auto
4dr Sedan 1.5L LX 5-Spd
4dr Sedan 1.5L LX Auto
4dr Sedan 1.5L 5-Spd LX w/ABS
4dr Sedan 1.5L Auto LX w/ABS
4dr Sedan 1.6L EX 5-Spd
4dr Sedan 1.6L EX Auto
2dr Del Sol 1.5L 5-Spd S
2dr Del Sol 1.5L Auto S
2dr Del Sol 1.6L 5-Spd Si
2dr Del Sol 1.6L Auto Si
2dr Del Sol 1.6L VTEC 5-Spd (CA)