Trim Style Engine Drive Train MSRP
Cargo Van
Cargo V6 13772
Cargo Extended V6 14519
Cargo 4WD V6 4WD 16182
Cargo Extended 4WD V6 4WD 16951
Window V6 14099
Window Extended V6 14846
Window 4WD V6 4WD 16509
Window Extended 4WD V6 4WD 17278
Passenger Minivan
XL Wagon XL V6 13739
XL Wagon Extended XL V6 15531
XL Wagon 4WD XL V6 4WD 16978
XL Wagon Extended 4WD XL V6 4WD 17966
XL Plus Wagon XL Plus V6 15235
XL Plus Wagon Extended XL Plus V6 16420
XL Plus Wagon 4WD XL Plus V6 4WD 18014
XL Plus Wagon Extended 4WD XL Plus V6 4WD 19002
XLT Wagon XLT V6 17944
XLT Wagon Extended XLT V6 18621
XLT Wagon 4WD XLT V6 4WD 20119
XLT Wagon Extended 4WD XLT V6 4WD 21086
Eddie Bauer Wagon Eddie Bauer V6 21636
Eddie Bauer Wagon Extended Eddie Bauer V6 22604
Eddie Bauer Wagon 4WD Eddie Bauer V6 4WD 23414
Eddie Bauer Wagon Ext 4WD Eddie Bauer V6 4WD 24381

Comparison of 1992 Ford Aerostar with Similar Cars

1992 Ford Aerostar MSRP Invoice
1992 Ford Aerostar $13,739 $12,290
Similar Cars to Consider MSRP Invoice Compare
1992 Dodge Caravan $12,915 $11,810 Ford Aerostar VS Dodge Caravan
1992 Mazda MPV $14,120 $12,708 Ford Aerostar VS Mazda MPV
1992 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van $13,995 $12,568 Ford Aerostar VS Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van
1992 Dodge Ram Van $13,779 $12,132 Ford Aerostar VS Dodge Ram Van
1992 Chevrolet Chevy Cargo Van $14,315 $12,425 Ford Aerostar VS Chevrolet Chevy Cargo Van

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