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iSeeCars is a leading car search engine ("Kayak for Cars") with millions of users. The company's sole focus is to redefine how consumers search for cars online and make the process much easier and smarter. Over 4 million used and new car listings are aggregated from the inventory sitting on thousands of dealers' lots and from hundreds of car classifieds websites to save you time searching for the right car. In addition, every car listing is continually analyzed for insights into the pricing and other key data to help users find the best deal and make a smarter decision about which car to buy and what price to pay.

iSeeCars came about a few years ago as a result of the founders personal frustrations with the car search process online. The founders, Phong Ly and Vineet Manohar, were frustrated with the time-consuming and painstaking effort of having to browse through lots of different dealer sites and car classifieds websites to make sure they didn't miss out on any cars that could be the car they were looking for. Additionally, they noticed the lack of guidance and tools to help consumers determine which cars were good deals amidst the sea of cars available.

Being the entrepreneurs and programmers the founders were, having worked at companies like Tripadvisor and SAP and previously founded a couple of startups, they set out to build iSeeCars with the goal of simplifying the online car search process and giving users the right information and tools to search for car deals faster and smarter. iSeeCars lets users search cars for sale listed at thousands of classifieds and dealer websites. It gives users tools that provide quick snapshot of the key attributes and data about the car based on our continual analysis of each listing. To save users time, listings are ranked (similar to how Google shows the most relevant results first) to show the most relevant cars at the best deals first.

iSeeCars strives to make the best online car search engine for consumers and thus would love any feedback and comment you may have to make it even better.


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iSeeCars Team

User Testimonials

“Excellent Site. As a product director, and someone who has been looking for a car for the last month, I stumbled upon your site and I have to say I am impressed. The taxonomy choices, the sleek interface, and the search results are by far the best in the industry. Thanks for the nice site.” P. Schiller
“You did very good on the lay out of this page. I can see what I want to see right there in front of me. It tells me the most important information in the center of the page right were it needs to be and there isn't anything that is annoying or in the way when I scroll down. I love how the people like me can see the car we are getting.” N. Fordham
“I found a wonderful deal thanks to you. I wanted to thank you for your service.” D. Elliott
“Decided to try your service/website today instead of Autotrader and liked it.” F. Lane
“You helped me located a good car.” K. Ross


iSeeCars.com is headquartered in the Boston area.

100 TradeCenter,
Woburn, MA 01801

To contact us, please send an email to team@iseecars.com
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